New Pokémon, limited Pokédex leaked at Nintendo Treehouse

Jacob Yothment


During Nintendo’s Treehouse at E3 this year, two new Pokémon were revealed! However, fans also learned in a leak that we will not be able to play with all of our favorite mons in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. 


Yamper the electric corgi

Yamper pokemonThe first new mon was Yamper, the adorable little corgi. According to Serebii, it is an electric type. Also, it has a new ability that allows it to pick up the first failed Pokéball you throw at a mon. 

Fans have been anticipating a corgi mon for a while. Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield take place in the Galar Region, which is based on the United Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth is known for her adorable corgis, and now so will we once we get ahold of this game!

Impidimp, the first ever dark, fairy type

Cool typing, but that’s a pretty bad design.

Although Impidimp is not very visually breathtaking, his typing is something to behold. We have never before had a dark, fairy type mon. This unique typing means that we have a dark type with attacks that are super-effective on other dark types.

Hopefully, this little guy will evolve, and we will get a cooler looking final evolution. 

Galar’s limited Pokedéx

Unfortunately, not all of the news is good. It was also confirmed at the Nintendo Treehouse that the Galar Region will have a limited Pokédex and that players will not be able to transfer over mons that aren’t in it.

We do not know all of the mons that will or won’t be available in Galar, but this is still a punch to the teeth. There are nearly 1,000 mons in the whole franchise, and not being able to play with all of them is a complete shame. Hopefully, GameFreak will listen to their fans on Twitter and right this wrong.

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